Accelerating the SMB Software Buyer's Journey

Posted by Greg Dickinson on Jul 17, 2019 11:44:33 AM

In the last week, I’ve had at least 10 conversations with B2B SaaS companies that are moving down market. Primarily enterprise software vendors trying to expand their reach by targeting the SMB (also referred to as SME) market - selling to small and medium businesses. It’s a tough transition, as I know from my own, sometimes painful experience. It becomes increasingly challenging, I believe, when you're selling directly to small business owners.

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The Buyer has changed! SO WHAT?

Posted by Greg Dickinson on Jul 4, 2019 9:34:00 AM

Three trends that suggest it’s time to update our sales model with some digital

For more than five years, we’ve been told that the buyer has changed. To that, I say: “SO WHAT?”

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Topics: Buyers journey, "buyer enablement", "digital buyer"